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The Long Journey Home

The Long Journey Home by Author Ed Londergan

The second book in the Brookfield saga, The Long Journey Home continues the story of Jack and Becky Parker as they strive to make a life for themselves on the frontier in early colonial Massachusetts. During a violent and turbulent era, they endure every hardship to see their family grow and prosper … and survive. In their unstoppable love, they will sacrifice everything to be together.

From the battles of King Philip’s War – the bloodiest ever fought in New England – to Jack’s capture and escape and his brutal trek home through the winter wilderness to the wife and son he loves beyond measure, to a determined march to Quebec to rescue twenty-one captives, taken during a savage Indian attack, to the hard-earned happiness of prosperity, follow them as they persevere to make their dreams come true and find the one place that is truly home.

2014 New England Book Festival Honorable Mention

The Devil’s Elbow

Jack uses the knowledge his father gave him – that the measure of a man is how he deals with the worst life can throw at him – along with the support of the powerful man who becomes his friend, and the deep, unshakeable love for his wife to fuel his determination to survive. He draws on all he has learned on his three-decade journey when he’s met with his greatest test as he and ninety-eight others are trapped in a four-room tavern for three hot, humid August days, fighting for survival against 400 once-friendly Indians who are determined to wipe them out and reclaim their land and way of life.

The Devil's Elbow by Author Ed Londergan

Set in colonial Massachusetts, The Devil’s Elbow follows Jack Parker from his orphan childhood days as an apprentice to a greedy and brutal Boston merchant to the isolated pioneer settlement of Brookfield, where he ends up in the fight of his life to protect the people and things he loves. The book is set against the background of King Philip’s War, the single greatest catastrophe to occur in seventeenth-century Puritan New England.

2013 New England Book Festival Honorable Mention

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